About us

CORWELD Ltd. was founded in 1991 by Dr. Károly Bödök and some of the lecturers and researchers of the Budapest University of Technology. At that time, the company’s core work was continuing with the work at the university: research and development, expert activity in applied material science, which we are continuing to work on, with an expanded toolkit and more modern methods.

Since 1994 we have also been engaged in the sales of welding consumables, which proved so successful that in 1998 we established our partner company, CORWELD PLUS Kft. From the beginning of the 2000s, a dedicated team within the company engaged in the trade of specialty metallic materials.

Nickel alloy, titanium, duplex, superduplex – concepts that we believe played an important role in its spread.

Since the start of the company, we have followed unchanged principles: we add value to our activities with expertise and special knowledge – the key to our successful operation for almost 30 years.

These activities, namely research and development and sales, are linked in many threads to our partner company CORWELD PLUS Ltd. as well as to a number of excellent colleagues and businesses carrying out technical and engineering work.

Thanks to this background, we are sure that we can provide a fair, thorough and modern answer to your questions and expectations too.

Our quality management system is continuously developed and audited according to ISO 9001:2015 and we have the MVM Paksi Nuclear Zrt. to inspect system components rated ABOS 1, 2 and 3.

Research and development

Material selection, material science studies, analysis of damages in industrial applications using state-of-the-art material testing methods, based on our own know-how


Distribution of metallic materials regarded as special due to their material or product form; supply of ‘unobtainable’ material grades

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