Where Extra
is Ordinary

The terms giving the name CORWELD (corrosion and welding), although they refer to our basic areas of expertise, but of course do not exclusively cover our competencies. Our goal in R&D and in sales is that the more and more emptied term “added value” would really characterize us and make all our partners feel: here extra is really ordinary.

Applied material

All of CORWELD’s activities are based on our accumulated special expertise and experience in the field of materials science. Over the past 25 years, we have demonstrated our unique experience and knowledge in the selection, application and damage assessment of materials in hundreds of studies and reports.

Metallic materials for special applications

In our commercial activities we bring materials into the Hungarian market that are regarded as special due to their material, size and product form in the local metal trading practice. We meet individual needs as well as complete product packages for large investments.

Unique solutions with unique partners

We are proud to represent partners in Hungary who provide their services in a high quality with innovative and unique solutions in their own field of activity. Learn more about the world’s most comprehensive materials database or one of the leading vessel head manufacturers!

Books on metallurgy and corrosion

The technical books published by CORWELD are niche works that have helped generations of engineers learn about the science of metallic materials. Our latest book “Corrosion resistance of unalloyed, low and high alloyed steels, with special regard to their weldability” is available again in electronic form.