KÖNIG + CO. Vessel head manufacturer.

KÖNIG + CO. GmbH. is one of the world’s leading head manufacturers.
Founded in 1930, the company is still owned by the König family and the company is run by its founder’s descendants.

By the right mixture of ‘forming know-how’, outstanding production techniques and pragmatic strategic goals from the beginning to this day guarantee the company’s significant role in the production of vessel heads.

Technical innovation, quality and reliability drives KÖNIG + CO. to become your exciting and fair business partner.

CORWELD Ltd. has been representing KÖNIG + CO. GmbH. on the Hungarian market from 2011.

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Pressing technology as needed.Excellence in forming.

With our unique tool stock for heads made by deep drawing in a diameter range of 21.3 mm to 2100 mm and wall thicknesses of 2 mm to 200 mm we offer our customers nearly all head shapes.

We have the answer: for torispherical or ellipsoidal heads, for elliptical heads 2:1 or for hemispherical heads.

Deep-drawing of heads and pressing parts requires, besides the careful choosing of tools, also knowledge about the specific behavior of the different materials. Just by this combination, we are able to achieve most narrow tolerances and dimensional accuracy.

Besides the production of heads, we have a profound knowledge in the forming of special pressing parts, e.g. turbine and pump housings or special fittings for the pipe and tube production. Thanks to our special know-ledge in designing tools, we develop together with you tailor-made solutions to meet your particular needs.

Vessel head stock. In case of emergency.

Our extensive head stock includes torispherical and ellipsoidal heads up to 18 mm wall thickness and 2000 mm diameter, made of common ferritic and austenitic materials. In addition, we have stock in P265GH / SA-516 Gr. 60. material too. We are able to dispatch them within 24 hours after order receipt.

Edge preparation of each vessel head no stock is flat/square up to 4 mm and external V 30° above 4 mm. Of course, we can change these if requested.

To see a list of products in stock, please click here (English/German PDF).

Cold. Warm. Hot. Forming and heat treatment at the optimum.

By combining lean processes and a variety of tools, we realize individual demands. Our new 30-tons production line is the result of the continuous development of the production processes.

Nowadays we can form one-piece heads by dishing and flanging with a diameter of up to 8200 mm, a wall thickness of up to 120 mm and a maximum weight of 30 tons.

For an optimum heat treatment of our heads, we use furnaces, fired by gas, with a maximum temperature of 1200°C. KÖNIG + CO. is perfectly equipped to perform a variety of heat treatment methods: soft and solution annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering. One of the worldwide largest NORSOK-approved heat treatment devices has been put into operation at our main works in Netphen: consisting of a high performance furnace in combination with a 500000-liter quenching bath and a 40-tons loading device.

We carry out the final heat treatment at the temperatures and times that are exactly stipulated in the standards. Thus, the mechanical values or corrosion resistance of the different material grades can be guaranteed.

Power, variety and reliability – we have tailored our production processes to highest demands.

Simply perfect. Spectrum of options.

Besides the core process of the forming technology for heads and pressing parts, we offer a variety of methods for product finishing.

Our scope includes different methods of surface technology, such as sand blasting, pickling or inside/outside grinding at all dimensions.

We attach importance to an exact edge preparation and a high dimensional accuracy of our heads.This is the basis for an optimum subsequent welding of components.

With our 3D robot hole cutting system, the cutting of radial and axial holes can be performed at each position. The machine makes the complete edge preparation too, complex holes at the knuckle area are also feasible. Our robot hole cutting system also comprises the precise edge preparation of three-dimensional pressing parts for heads made of crown and petals.

By plasma cutting, plate thicknesses of up to 85 mm, by autogenous cutting plate thicknesses up to 200 mm can be cut.

For highest demands, as e.g. at narrow gap welding and its high tolerance requirements, we machine the petals mechanically.

Steel. Duplex. Titanium. The connection is essential.

Before forming, it is in many cases required to weld the initial material. For this purpose, we mainly use combined plasma arc and TIG welding or submerged arc welding (SAW). By SAW we also weld constructions made of crown and petals or cones.

Additionally, we are able to clad already formed products as well as plates and blanks with all common cladding materials by electro-slag strip cladding. For this purpose, we employ our 150-tons turn-tilt positioner with a 10x10m welding equipment. Thus, we are able to perform the cladding in efficient manner and consistent quality.

We process a wide range of metallic materials, such as standard steel grades, CrMo steel, stainless steel, duplex and super duplex, aluminium, copper, nickel-based alloys, titanium and zirconium.

Our knowledge, our experience and the use of all possibilities – especially with regard to sensitive materials – that is our lead.

Inspecting. Ensuring. Certifying. Quality as a consequence.

We have committed ourselves to fulfil highest quality demands. Our quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 is the guideline for all corporate processes. The striving for continuous improvements defines our thinking and action.

Our understanding of quality comprises not only the product, but as a consequence, also the corresponding documentation. The smooth processing of complex orders is guaranteed by our project management, e.g. in the fields of Nuclear energy or Oil & Gas.

Numerous approvals, such as PED, ASME U- and U2-Stamp, NORSOK or the China Stamp, are the basis for the successful and sustainable cooperation with our customers.

Highly-qualified personnel and our own material test laboratory make sure that our products are conforming to the customer requirements as imposed on us. We perform all common nondestructive and destructive tests.

Our delivery program. Variety in perfection.

We supply single-part vessel heads up to a weight of maximum 30 tons and at diameters of 21.3 to 8200 mm. Depending on head shape und dimension, we offer heads made of crown and petals, trial-assembled or completely welded.