Corweld Plus Ltd.

Everything welding! At our partner company you will find arc welding consumables, protective equipment and professional welding machines, as well as automated welding equipment. In addition to the products, the company has more than 20 years of experience and expertise and can be your reliable partner in solving the most advanced tasks.

KÖNIG + CO. Vessel head manufacturer.

KÖNIG + CO. GmbH. is one of the world’s leading head manufacturers. Founded in 1930, the company is still owned by the König family and the company is run by its founder’s descendants.

By the right mixture of ‘forming know-how’, outstanding production techniques and pragmatic strategic goals from the beginning to this day guarantee the company’s significant role in the production of vessel heads.

Technical innovation, quality and reliability drives KÖNIG + CO. to become your exciting and fair business partner.

CORWELD Ltd. has been representing KÖNIG + CO. GmbH. on the Hungarian market from 2011.

Total Materia Materials Database

Total Materia is the world’s most comprehensive materials database, containing general and special properties of more than 450,000 metallic and non-metallic materials. It allows you to identify unknown material grades, search for matching or similar material grades, and search for data input for FEA/CAE calculations. Its application eliminates the need for your company to purchase manufacturing standards and specifications for the materials used, and the modern, sophisticated search engine and user interface saves you considerable time in your work.